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DevOps Offerings that helps you accomplish continuous integration and continuous delivery in the agile application development environment and seamlessly integrate with IT operations



The current digital era witnesses DevOps as a game-changing model in the cloud that enables enterprises to transform their people, existing technology and processes from the core with minimum or no digital disruption. Our DevOps offerings plug the existing holes between your various software development phases, IT operations and quality checks, while fostering a software-oriented responsive mechanism. This way, we empower you to rapidly develop software solutions and services, while fundamentally optimizing enterprise-wide operational performance. Embracing AWS and Azure in the portfolio, we implement agile and lean principles throughout the software lifecycle, hence enhancing the way your processes run.

Our Approach
  • Thorough evaluation of the current state of DevOps culture, existing processes, and tool-chain pipeline to quantify your maturity phase.
  • Establish a feasible roadmap to sail through and choose the right set of tools.
  • Align metrics that can be kept track of.
  • Design a preliminary framework followed by the implementation of standard DevOps system.
  • Leverage and integrate your existing tools with our strong portfolio of open source and licensed tools for agile, continuous delivery.
  • Assess, strategize, configure, automate, implement and manage the enterprise-wide DevOps aligning with the requirements of each project.
DevOps Assessment

Our DevOps consulting services portfolio follow a systematic approach, right from evaluating your existing DevOps methodologies & implementations, scrutinizing your existing infrastructure, development & operations pipeline followed by listing down the redundant processes and identifying the right set of tools for delivering high-quality software. Besides, we create a detailed assessment and analysis report giving you complete visibility into the current state of your DevOps and develop an actionable roadmap for automation, management and continuous delivery.

DevOps Automation

In the wake of evaluating your current setup and drawing the ideal work models, we set up, automate and help you keep the ball rolling in your tool-chain and continuous delivery pipeline. While the pipeline, we forestall dicey deployments, thereby improving productivity with robust cloud-native strategies and licensed tools.

DevOps Management

Aside from mechanizing your procedures, we help you to deal with the wellbeing of your continual delivery pipeline. We help you with software-release management, constant deployment & migration, environment replication, operational performance optimization, virtual server setup, and change management on the move.

DevOps On AWS & Azure

We are one of the top 60 global audited Managed Services Partners of AWS & Azure and Advanced Consulting Partner of AWS & Gold Partner of Microsoft. We hold years of expertise in implementations, migration, deployment, and management on AWS cloud & Azure. Our vast experience in the cloud extends from understanding, implementing the industry-best practices & tool-chain pipeline to ensuring security and scalability across your AWS & Azure environment. Our competences include migrating complex workloads and managing unnerving infrastructure challenges seamlessly bringing about better deployment cycles and enhanced operational performance.