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Security Management

With cybersecurity now mainstreamed in terms of risk, we provide just the right proactive consulting and managed services to mitigate the constantly increasing threat for business continuity

Security Management

Security Management

IT Security and threats associated with it have always been a matter of concern for the enterprises as they advance in technologies and increase interactions with internal & external stakeholders. It, therefore, becomes imperative for them to have a strong security control and management across their corporate environment. The integrity of security has always been challenged by traditional malware, as well as, by sophisticated attacks, thereby requiring IT security teams to keep their heads up to impeding these attacks. Moreover, there are internal security issues related to information access by unauthorized employees, password management, and many others. All these security breaches can disturb the growth of a business; not only monetarily but also in term of its reputation. Our experienced security team enables you to secure your IT infrastructure, data, application, and next-gen technologies. We efficiently assist in aligning security requirements with your business objectives and create comprehensive security strategy around it. Our security consultants, using industry-best IT security tools design and implement technologies tailored to the enterprise requirements and bring cost efficiencies in the process.

Our Offerings:

Security Infrastructure:

Mitigate risks, achieve compliance, and build effective security programs for your IT infrastructure with our deep expertise.

A stable, efficient security depends on its robust infrastructure. As a solution to protect your critical business assets better, Progressive conducts in-depth assessments of your existing security programs discovering loopholes and gaps in your technical and operational security controls.

Our consulting experts not only identify risks associated with your topology, processes, and security controls but wisely remediate these flaws. Utilizing industry’s best practices, we also assist you with the designing or re-designing of your overall security infrastructure.

Our top-notch managed services provide organization-wide security for

  • Perimeter
  • Network
  • Endpoint
  • Application & Data
Security Operations:

Our expert IT team helps you protect your business infrastructure with real-time security alerting, threat analysis & intelligence, correlation, and preemptive incident preparation.

We help you prepare for and immediately act on cyber-attacks through our proven response strategy more effectively. In case of any critical breach, we thoroughly investigate and assess the scope and nature of the incident to ensure security & threat control across entire incident lifecycle. Our dedicated incident response (IR) team efficiently implement and execute security operations including prevention, in-depth threat analysis, containment, elimination, recovery and compliance activities.

Our services include

  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
  • Incident Reporting, detection & response
Security Prevention:

Vulnerabilities and threats in your networks and IT systems, if not managed expertly, allows attackers and intruders to gain unauthorized access and breach your essential data.

Our cost-effective security prevention services provide comprehensive assessment and proactive management of IT vulnerabilities & cyber threats within your corporate networks, web applications, and databases. We not only assess, scan, test, or locate the vulnerabilities across your internal, external networks but proactively remediate and minimize the exposure of your entire IT infrastructure to these vulnerable attacks & threats.

Our cyber security team follows a proactive approach to security in line with your threat landscape. Real-time monitoring and deep analysis of threat data that is most relevant to your organization, helps you optimize your security resources while reducing costs.

  • Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Test (VAPT)
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence
Governance Risk and Compliance

The cloud services have become one of the most promising technology evolutions with its ability to provide scalability, flexibility, and agility at low cost. But the concerns related to governance, risk, and security management still hold back the enterprises. Many organizations see these as one of the major roadblocks in their cloud adoption.

There isn’t a standardized solution for Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) as every industry and businesses have their own set of governance policies, security threats, and regulations.

Our Cloud Governance Risk and Compliance program helps you achieve business continuity and productivity without any risks. We manage your associated security, compliance, and risk issues by providing automation and integration services for policy controls while managing IT security and GRC related issues.

As an experienced cloud services provider, we take up a joint responsibility with our partners, AWS and Azure, to provide cloud services through their highly secured and controlled cloud platforms on regular basis.

Progressive’s governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) management services help you tackle the complex issues of corporate governance, risk administration at the enterprise level, and effective compliance with corporate regulations. We assist you in key business areas with our financial & tax advisory services, IT security & anti-fraud management, human capital & dispute consulting, and more. We help enterprises detect, remediate, monitor, control, and minimize enterprise-wide risks in line with the comprehensive planning of workforce, processes, and technology usage to enhance Governance Risk and Compliance viability and lower costs.

Our continuous security audits and monitoring give you complete control and real-time visibility into corporate compliance, ensuring that you meet regulatory and statutory requirements.

Services we offer:

  • ISO 27001 Readiness Assessment
  • Compliance & Process Management
  • Auditing
  • Security Baselining