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An integrated IT security service that monitors, prevents, detects, and analyzes cyber attacks.


Why Consider Outsourcing Managed IT Security Services?

Building and running an in-house SOC can be a challenging and costly endeavor. Outsourcing security operations to a managed SOC can provide a many benefits, such as-

  • Expertise: Managed IT security providers have skilled security professionals.
  • Cost-effective: Outsourcing to a managed SOC can save money.
  • 24x7 coverage: Managed cyber security services providers offer continuous monitoring.
  • Scalability: Managed SOC services can be easily scaled.
  • Compliance: Managed security service providers can help with regulatory compliance.

Comprehensive Managed SOC as a Service

Next Gen SIEM

  • Log Management
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Integration with Security Tools

Security Automation-SOAR

  • Automate Security Response
  • Automated Incident Response
  • Workflows to Identify Threats

Behavior Analytics-UEBA

  • Advanced Behavioural Analytics
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Machine Learning Driven

24x7 Monitoring

  • Prevent, Detect & Respond
  • Proactive Threat Hunting
  • Network & Endpoint Monitoring

Vulnerability Management-VAPT

  • Attacks Simulation
  • Remediation Guidelines
  • Penetration Testing

Virtual CISO

  • Security Strategy Alignment
  • Educate, Advice & Influence
  • Assist & Implement Cyber Security

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Move Forward With A Stronger Ransomware Defense

Ransomware attacks can have a devastating impact on your business. Not only do they result in financial losses, but the cost of recovery, downtime and reputational damage can cost 10 to 15 times more than the ransom. Safeguard your business from ransomware's wrath by adopting Progressive's managed cyber security services:

  • Threat Hunting
  • Vulnerability Testing
  • Threat Intel Engineering
  • Detection Services
  • Response Automation
  • Attack Simulation & Training
Ransomware Defense

Why Choose Progressive?

Why Progressive?

Why Choose Progressive?

Get tailored IT Security Services For Your Business

  • 24x7 Security Operations Center
  • Next Generation SIEM Driven Approach
  • Full Visibility Without Escalating Costs
  • Monitoring & Analytics for Advanced Detection
  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency & Better ROI
  • Automated Eradication of Threats

Major Milestones

  • Installing and Integrating Telemetry
  • Writing Correlation Rules
  • Laying down processes - Incident management, change management etc.
  • Steady state is all about generating Monitoring dashboard, Alerts and Reports


  • Focus remains on Log collection and Security takes the backstage
  • Majorly ‘Out-of-the-box’ rules, difficult to test in the real environment
  • Manual processes, Loosely defined Playbook/Runbooks
  • Cyber landscape changes every day, and so should SOC

Major Milestones

  • Well-defined use cases
  • Mapping the use cases with Telemetry (Understanding the difference between Forensics and Active Monitoring)
  • Using API Framework for proper Playbook and Runbook Integration
  • Simulation Based Operations


  • Clarity on what are we going after
  • Use-Case based Telemetry selection
  • Putting existing investments into their best use
  • Continuously Improving and updating the SOC

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) Services

Our VAPT services offer a comprehensive approach to identifying vulnerabilities and fortifying your systems against potential breaches. With our expertise in cybersecurity, we provide a thorough evaluation of your network infrastructure, applications, and systems to ensure robust protection against evolving cyber threats.

VAPT Services

360° Security Assessment

Our comprehensive security assessment covers all aspects of your digital infrastructure, including networks, applications, databases, and endpoints. Through meticulous examination and testing, we identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses that could be exploited by malicious actors.

Vulnerability Assessment

We conduct systematic scans and tests to identify potential security vulnerabilities within your systems. Our team utilizes advanced tools and methodologies to assess your infrastructure's susceptibility to various cyber threats, enabling us to recommend proactive measures to mitigate risks effectively.

Penetration Testing

Our skilled ethical hackers simulate real-world cyber attacks to evaluate the security posture of your systems. By emulating the tactics and techniques of malicious hackers, we uncover vulnerabilities that could compromise the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data. Our penetration testing services provide actionable insights to enhance your cybersecurity defenses and minimize the likelihood of successful cyber intrusions.

Discover Our Dynamic Security Hardening Services

Consistent commitment to monitoring, identifying, shutting down, and controlling vulnerabilities through Hardening Services entails a proactive approach to cybersecurity. It involves continuously assessing and strengthening your system's defenses to mitigate risks, enhance resilience, and safeguard against potential threats. Hardening Services focus on securing networks, systems, and applications by implementing robust security measures, configurations, and patches to minimize attack surfaces and fortify your overall cybersecurity posture.

Security Hardening of OS

Security Hardening of Operating Systems

We specialize in fortifying both Linux and Windows environments, ensuring that your operating systems are configured with the latest security best practices. By strengthening the foundation of your IT infrastructure, we mitigate vulnerabilities and reduce the risk of unauthorized access or exploitation.

Network Device Security Hardening

Network Device Security Hardening

Our advanced techniques are designed to protect your network devices, including firewalls, routers, and switches. By applying customized hardening measures, we safeguard your network against intrusions, unauthorized access, and other potential threats, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of your data transmissions.

Database Security Hardening

Database Security Hardening

With our specialized services, we focus on securing your databases, including Oracle, MySQL, MSSQL, MariaDB, and PostgreSQL. By implementing stringent security configurations and access controls, we help prevent data breaches, unauthorized modifications, and other malicious activities, thereby preserving the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your critical data.

Application Security Hardening

Application Security Hardening

Our tailored solutions target the security of your web applications hosted on Apache and Tomcat servers. Through meticulous hardening techniques, we fortify your applications against common cyber threats, such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), and unauthorized access, ensuring the resilience and reliability of your online services.










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