Digital Workplace Management

Move the End User Experience Forward

Build a Hassle-free Digital Workplace Environment

digital workplace challenges

Are these digital workplace challenges bothering you?

  • Supporting work from anywhere, anytime, and on any device 24x7.
  • An explosion in the variety and versions of end points to support.
  • Managing endpoint visibility and compliance.
  • Endpoint security management with the advent of hybrid and remote work.
  • Lack of a framework for process management and change management.
  • The need to recruit & incur additional costs in onboarding a specialist.
  • Risk of downtime, lost productivity, and compromised employee experience.
Bridge The Gaps

Bridge The Gaps

Enable A Faster Digital Workplace

A modern workplace is all about seamless processes and lightning-fast collaboration. Navigating across multiple business applications and productivity tools, your end-users adapt to the change but struggle due to the increasing clutter. Digital Workplace Management Services allow you to clear the clutter, centralize the processes, and bring ease & flexibility for your end-users.

Driving digital workplace support for remote and in-office workers, turning to service automation helps modernize services and speed response times. Leveraging the automation approach, Progressive’s digital workplace management delivers self-service capabilities to your end-users and eliminates 30-35% of common support requests that are repetitive.

Get Ready for the Future

Our Digital Workplace Management Offering Includes

End-user Experience Management End-user Experience Management

End-user Experience Management

How do you ensure that the end-users can use a product or service effectively and efficiently and that they are satisfied with their experience? Well, our end-user experience management service helps businesses monitor and address any issues (IT, HR, Field, Facilities, etc.) that may be impacting their experience and focuses on improving it continuously.

Unified Collaboration Unified Collaboration

Unified Collaboration

The way people work has changed dynamically, and technologies have played a pivotal role in the evolution of the workplace. Progressive helps businesses to enable a fully digital workplace by providing support for collaboration applications and technologies they use to team-up for a project, share files and documents, and collaborate whenever required.

Meeting Room & Townhall Management Meeting Room & Townhall Management

Meeting Room & Townhall Management

Hybrid work has forced the workplace to evolve and become more digital. Conducting a virtual meeting that combines remote and in-office workers together can be challenging due to several technical reasons from the end-user’s side. Our digital workplace support ensures seamless connectivity for meeting room & town hall management by resolving such issues in real time.

Mobile Device Management Mobile Device Management

BYOD – Mobile Device Management

Bring your own device, or BYOD is the evolving trend of employees using preferable devices for work purposes. It includes smartphones, tablets, and other devices. Progressive’s digital workplace management empowers your end-users to access all of their apps and data on any device while delivering support and maintaining full visibility and control.

Employee Onboarding & Offboarding Employee Onboarding & Offboarding

Employee Onboarding & Offboarding

Ensure employees start on the right foot with a smooth and efficient onboarding process. Our digital workplace management services help HR departments to conduct onboarding and offboarding of employees faster and help deliver a seamless transition for them while saving a lot of time using automated workflows.

Virtual Desktop Management Virtual Desktop Management

Virtual Desktop Management

The new hybrid work era demands that employees must be in-sync with their workloads and stay productive. Virtual Desktop Interfaces have emerged as a solution for businesses to achieve higher availability. Leverage robust support for Desktop-as-a-service and VDI management and deliver a hassle-free digital workplace experience with Progressive’s VDI Support & Management.

End User Application Support End User Application Support

End User Application Support

To simplify several tasks, business applications are deployed, and the end-users utilize them to maintain business continuity. Progressive helps businesses transform the way they manage applications by enabling round-the-clock support services that help improve operational efficiency, reduce downtime, and maximize end-user productivity.

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