Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR)

Streamlining Security Operations with Automation and Coordination

What Is SOAR?

Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) platforms empower organizations by integrating various security tools into a cohesive security operations center (SOC). Introduced by Gartner in 2017, SOAR enables automated collection, analysis, and response to security threats, enhancing the efficacy and efficiency of security teams.

Core Capabilities of SOAR

  • Security Orchestration : Connect and streamline different security technologies to enhance incident response strategies and manage complex security threats more effectively.

  • Automation : Drastically reduce manual intervention in threat detection and response, allowing for rapid handling of incidents and operational tasks. This includes both proactive security measures to prevent incidents and reactive measures to address them as they occur.

  • Incident Response : Utilize dynamic playbooks that guide security teams through precise, automated workflows to investigate, contain, and mitigate threats efficiently.

Capabilities of SOAR

Benefits of SOAR

Efficiency and Speeds

Automation of routine tasks accelerates the response time, significantly shortening the window during which attackers can operate.


Automate security responses and workflows to handle an increasing volume of threats without additional staffing.


Standardize response procedures, ensuring reliable and error-minimized operations across the board.

Reduced Costs

Minimize operational expenses by automating time-intensive tasks and focusing human expertise where it's most needed.

Key Differences

Key Differences Between SOAR and Other Security Solutions (SIEM, UEBA)

  • Complementing SIEM and UEBA : While SIEM focuses on event management and UEBA on behavioral analytics, SOAR integrates with these systems to automate responses and manage workflows, providing a comprehensive security overview and action framework.

  • Action Orientation : SOAR's primary aim is not just to identify but to act, using information provided by SIEM and UEBA to execute security processes and mitigate threats efficiently.

SOAR Use Cases

  • Phishing Defense : Automatically analyze phishing emails, engage protective protocols, and coordinate with affected users to neutralize threats quickly.

  • Account Security : Respond to multiple failed login attempts by automatically initiating security protocols, such as challenging the user or resetting credentials.

  • Endpoint Protection : Integrate alerts from endpoint security tools with SOAR to quickly isolate and address malware infections, minimizing potential damage.

Use Cases
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